Writing Tips

5 Holidays To Take Advantage Of When Writing



Okay so, Christmas. Need I say more? I mean, it doesn’t matter what genre you write- Christmas is the perfect time to sell a book. Whether the book takes place around Christmas or not. Of course, if you write about that time of year and up your chances of people picking your book up because they are in full Christmas mode. That being said, I’ll only say it once because the same can be said for any and all holidays.

Summer holidays

Summer seems to be the time everyone tries to get on with their reading goals. I think because we all take vacation in the summer, and the weather gets warmer and we get all excited- we think we’re going to have time. Plus, summer vacations are so fun to read about and the ideas are endless!

Valentines day

I’m not sure I’ve met an author who hasn’t gotten a book as a Valentines day present. They make good gifts, and they make the perfect romance theme. I mean, Valentines day is the holiday for romance, right?

Mother/fathers day

This is a good holiday to jump onto if you fit the right trends. Of course, not everyone out there will- but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Writing about these holidays are great if you’re doing kids books. They are also a fun holiday that isn’t jumped on as much as say… Christmas.


Oh, Thanksgiving. To some, it is such a big deal. Others couldn’t care less about it. I think because it’s a big “family” one it gets a lot of attention. Also, because it’s a family one some people might be looking to tune out some family members with a book, which means they might need books. They might also want books about people trying to tuneout people at Thanksgiving- it could be very relatable.




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