Writing Tips

7 Ways To Deal With Writers Block

So, I think out of all the writers I know, this seems to be the biggest issue that we face. I know for myself it can be a hard thing to overcome and that it can be annoying as fuck.

7. Get away from the computer

This is where I always start. When I have writers block I take a few seconds away from the computer (or hours, though normally not days) and I go outside. I go for a walk or I workout, or I do some baking (this one’s not outside.) and normally it gives me a little while to get my creativity back

6. Read

I’m a huge believer that you can’t be a good writer if you don’t read a lot. Doesn’t matter the genre (that you read or write) it all adds to the fuel when it comes down to it.

5. Use prompts

Writing prompts are honestly so much fun.It doesn’t matter if it’s a plot prompt, a first line prompt, a character one, or any other type of exercise type thing. They can help so much for overcoming writersblock. Here are some ideas

  • Grab a book, open to a random page and pick a random word
  • Think of three things that normally wouldn’t happen in a plot like this
  • Go to a dictionary and find a word! Work with it, how can you work it (or the description) into your writing?

4. Start something new

Sometimes the best thing you can do for writers block is to start a new project. See where it goes. Use a first line prompt if you need to.

3. Write with a friend

I’m a big fan of writing with friends and using it as motivation (or peer pressure) to get some writing done even when it’s hard. This pretty much always works for me

2. Do some art

Just, maybe no writing. Do something artsy other than writing and see if it helps inspire you. I personally love to crochet. I know some writers who love to color, others who love to paint. Find something that lets you relax and not think too much so your mind can wander.

1. Honestly, you might just have to work through it

I know, I know you have writers block for a reason but when it comes down to it, maybe you have to just push through it. This is honestly the one that works best for me, more often than not, I go to pushing through it after I try two or three things on this list and then this is always the one that works. Maybe it’s because I have deadlines or maybe it’s just because I’ve already worked through the writers block without realizing it- either way. It works, and I end out happy.


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