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Free Read: A Couple Hours Together (Anna & Adam)

Today I decided to help get back into the writing grove I was going to stop out of my comfort zone- talk about nervous! I’m going to be posting a free read on here.

I felt like doing something really light and fluffy today, and thought I’d shared it with everyone! I’m hoping to do a couple more of these in the next little while to give you all an idea what the four couples have been up to- I assure you they are all busy. But first, here’s a quick read from the first time Anna and Adam get to see each other in a month- and the talk quickly turns to work. That’s the thing, when you have two musicians trying to make a long distance relationship work it can be hard.

Please note, it hasn’t been heavily edited. It’s just there for a little light read, nothing crazy.

Anna stared down at her phone. She hated admitting that she missed him.

It had only been a month, they’d been much longer before. It wasn’t like it was that long if you think about the big picture. And they were thinking about the big picture. There was no ring on Anna’s finger but they’d had the talk. They both wanted this to be something long term. They’d even talked about where they’d have the wedding.

Here. Home for Anna. Because it would be so pretty, and they could afford to pay for everyone to come out here. Well, mostly Adam could. But I’m getting there.


It was a slow process and Anna knew that, she’s been working towards it for years and now she was finally starting to get there. She was finally starting to book gigs outside of a few hours around here. She was finally getting the courage to travel, to create merch, and to put herself out there. Gabby had even offered to help her set up a blog.

She’s been so amazing.

For a split second, a tug of jealousy passed through Anna. Gabby had blown up, and Anna had been happy for her but for some reason she wasn’t getting the same reaction that Gabby had and it was hard on her confidence. It’s different. A lot of people didn’t like country music, and a lot of people who listened to Hooch in Hades weren’t going to like it.

Knock. Knock. 

Then the door opened. Anna turned in her seat, tucking her phone away. She still hadn’t texted him but he was probably busy. She didn’t want to bother him. Right now, she just couldn’t believe the guys were showing up before the time they agreed on.


All the words fell from her mouth as she stared at the man in her doorway.

“You never lock your door, do you?” Adam said, a grin spreading over his lips.

Anna’s mind raced. She was trying to process it all. He was supposed to be home putting the final touches on the album they were working on. They still had a few things to do by the sounds of it.

“W-what are you doing here?”

He shrugged, “I missed you.”

Like it was nothing to just get a flight from LA to Texas. Something most people spent months saving for. Anna stood, her legs a little shaky. Even though it had been a few months now it still didn’t feel normal.

He closed the distance between himself and Anna and pulled her into his arms. Adam held her tightly.

“God I missed you.” She admitted as she sank into his embrace. Her mind raced through everything from the point he got here. A smirk spread over her lips. She couldn’t believe that she had actually thought her bandmates were going to be early. Shoot.

Anna pulled away from him. “I have to cancel-”

“Don’t cancel anything. I can tag along or I can get some rest from my flight.”

“The guys are coming over later. That’s all, I’m sure they won’t mind canceling.”

Adam’s brow furrowed in thought. “I don’t want to get in your way.” She knew he wanted her to cancel, he was just too kind to say no. A wide smile spread over Anna’s lips.

“I know. Don’t worry about it, they won’t mind. We’ve been practicing a lot.” With new songs to flesh out, they’d been getting together almost every day of the week. A day off would do them all well. “I’m sure they will be happy not to have to see me.”

Without another second for Adam to dispute her Anna pulled away and grabbed her phone from her pocket, sending off a quick text to the group that she was bailing on them which meant they could bail too or just find another place to work on everything.

She stuffed the phone back into her pocket and turned her attention back to Adam. “Would you like a drink or anything?”

“Just to relax.”

They made their way over to the couch and dropped down onto it together. Again, Adam pulled Anna into his arms. This time kissing her.

The kiss grew more passionate quickly. It had been a while for them. Anna’s hands traced over Adam’s thigh gently. It took a fraction of a second for Anna to feel him respond to her. A wide grin spread over Anna’s face as she pulled away.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” She said as she stood. Adam jumped to his feet.

This is a public blog after all, it wouldn’t do to getting to the nitty gritty here.

Anna rolled over onto her stomach and looked at the man beside her. A wide grin spread over her lips. “I missed you so much.” She’d already said it but she didn’t care. She had missed him. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep this up for much longer. But there wasn’t any other choice. If you want to date one of the biggest names in music, you had to be willing to not see them for a little while, even more so if you planned on trying to have your own career in music.

“Are you sure I’m not getting in the way of you and your band?”

“Oh yes, they probably need a break from me anyways.”

She could be a little crazy when it came to their music, she knew that. Her cheeks flushed thinking about it, but she didn’t say anything to Adam.

“And how are you doing? Still feeling….” He trailed off, apparently not willing to say it.

“I’m still struggling yes. It’s just hard, you know? It’s so much work and I love it but… it’s been seven years. When is something going to come out of it, you know?” Anna sighed. She knew she shouldn’t think like that. “And things are looking up, but it’s just so slow. What if we never get to the point where we’re even played on a radio?”

“You will.”

He sounded so confident about it. I wish I could be that confident.

Anna didn’t have the heart to tell him she didn’t believe him, so she just smiled. “Thanks, babe.”

“You know, we just need to get you a good manager. Some good marketing and you’ll be fine. Have you gotten a hold of any radio stations before?”

“Yes, a couple local ones and they said they’d give our songs a listen to.”

Nothing had come of it, though. Of course Anna had been expecting that. This wasn’t the first time that her band had reached out to radio stations. She knew what she was doing, even if she wasn’t having much luck.

“Have you… told them who you are?”

She didn’t need him to explain what he was actually trying to ask.

“No, I haven’t told them my last name. If she had, they’d probably know she was dating Adam, and that might have gotten her radio time right then and there. “I don’t want to take the cheap way about it.” Although the thought was very tempting. She was getting sick of struggling, of trying to prove that she could make it and the idea of using her boyfriends name had come to her mind several times.

When she first met him, she wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but she didn’t just want to be “The girlfriend of that guy in Hooch in Hades who happens to be a singer herself.”

If it hadn’t been for her being in a band she never would have met Adam to begin with. Music was her life, and she didn’t want to diminish that.

Adam’s brow furrowed. “I wish you would. It would get you air time, and that’s all you need for everyone to realize just how good you guys are.”

“But if they hear Hooch in Hades they aren’t even going to be thinking about us.”

Adam shook his head. “You’re wrong. You guys are too good to ignore, but I won’t argue with you on it. It’s your career, not mine. I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to tell you how to do it.”

“Thank you.”

And she meant it. It was hard for them not to tell each other what they thought the other people should be doing, even for Anna. She spotted things sometimes. They had agreed they would voice it but they weren’t going to push their opinions on each other.

“I’m only here for a few more hours. Is there anything you want to do?”

“A few hours?”

“We’re on our way over to Ireland for a quick tour. I took an earlier flight than the rest of the guys so that I could stop in and say hi.” He smiled.

“Are you taking the privet jet?”

“They are. I just had someone fly me over in a small plane.”

Anna shook her head, it was still something she was getting used to hearing. “And how are the other girls? How’s the book coming?”

“The other girls are good. Kenda’s got the book going well, I think it will be done soon, actually. And Gabby has planes for a clothing line that is going to be sold in major chain stores, and Paige… well, her thing is going well from what I can tell.”

“Wow. Major chain stores? That’s amazing.”

They were all so talented. Again, Anna felt a small amount of jealousy tug at her. She knew it wasn’t fair. They all worked hard to be where they were and she knew that. I just wish I could work harder.

“Gabby is excited to help you out with your social media.”

The girl blew up after Paige wore one of her dresses to a red carpet event and she took advantage of it. She worked social media damn well and then all of a sudden she went from zero followers to over a million. And now, on the plus side they all had someone to do custom dresses for them.

“I’m hoping it will help.”

“It will. Even we have to contribute a lot of our success to social media. Plus, it’s good for fans to be able to connect with us and us to be able to get back to them.”

I tilted my head, silently admitting that he made a good point. Hopefully once I got some social media accounts touched up things would perk up for us.

We fell silent for a few seconds.

“You should come to Ireland with me.”

I stared at Adam, sorrow overcoming me. “I can’t.” And he knew it. We went over this every time. It wasn’t the money. He could cover it without blinking an eye and I knew he would be happy to, but it was the time. “We’re almost done with the songs and once we’re doing with them, we can actually get into a studio and do some recording and get an actual album out.”

“You should come to L.A for that. Greyson will be happy to let you use his recording studio.”


We’d talked about it and that’s what we were planning to do. And the bonus would be that I’d get to see Adam for as long as it took to get the CD done. The thought brought a smile to Anna’s lips.

They didn’t do anything, to be honest. They just laid in bed naked and talked. But that was all Anna could have asked for. She didn’t want to go out and do anything fancy. She didn’t want to do anything special. She just wanted to lay in bed with the man she loved before he had to go back on tour. And that is what she got to do. And it was perfect.

Until he had to leave. It was always hard when they had to leave each other.

But Anna managed to wait until he walked out the door before a tear rolled down her cheek. She made her way over to the couch where she kept the laptop and dropped down, pulling the computer towards her as she opened it. Her teeth grazed her lower lip softly. Is it worth it? It probably would be.

Really, Adam did make a good point. If she dropped his name then they would get the air time they needed to show people they were actually kinda good.

It wasn’t her choice to make, though, which meant she would have to talk to the band about it. Tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoyed the read and have a good idea where things are going for these two!

If you want to read more about Anna & Adam, check out their first book and the third book in my bestselling brotherhood series, Rock Stars Aren’t For Country Girls. Just click the link above and scroll down past the buy link (I promise, it’s there!)

As for the other chracters mentioned in this excerpt, if you have any questions about them- check out their books!

Greyson & Kenda: Her job hangs on the line and if she doesn’t nail this interview with rocks biggest name she’s doomed
Paige & Kyle: Rock Stars are only good for one thing-fun. Or so Paige thinks but Kyle is going to prove her wrong
Gabby & Nate: Gabby know’s there is something off about Nate, but she never would have guessed the truth- rock stars are supposed to just be a trope in fairy tails.

Thank you for reading!


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