3 Books I’m Reading Right Now

Since I’ve had such little time to get much writing done, I’ve been reading a lot and a lot of what I’ve been reading are writing related books, so I figured today I’d share the books I’ve been reading- and loving.


Blueprint Your Bestseller: Organize and Revise Any Manuscript with the Book Architecture Method

In Blueprint Your Bestseller, Stuart Horwitz offers a step-by-step process for revising your manuscript that has helped bestselling authors get from first draft to final draft. Whether you’re tinkering with your first one hundred pages or trying to wrestle a complete draft into shape, Horwitz helps you look at your writing with the fresh perspective you need to reach the finish line.


Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur (Books for Writers Book 3) by [Penn, Joanna]Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur

Are you ready to take the next step in your author journey?

Art for the sake of art is important. Writing for the love of it, or to create something beautiful on the page, is absolutely worthwhile and critical to expand the sum of human expression.

But I’m not here to talk about creativity or the craft of writing in this book. My aim is to take the result of your creativity into the realm of actually paying the bills.


Think Like A Publisher: 33 Essential Tips to Write, Promote and Sell Your Book

You can do it! We all know the publishing world has changed. An explosion in printed books, Ebooks, and self-publishing has contributed to more new titles coming to market than ever before. With so much happening, how does an author stand out from the crowd? Not to mention turn a profit. This book is the one-stop guide to understanding the book business and the necessary steps to become a successful author in today’s rapidly changing publishing world. Think Like a Publisher explains the basics of the publishing industry in clear and concise language, including what publishers (and readers!) look for in a manuscript, the importance of a good editor and how to find one, author platform building, and marketing strategies, and even how to find the right self-publisher for your manuscript.


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