#CDNWritersChat: May 28

So, last week we did our very virst #CDNWritersChat. For anyone who didn’t see that blog post, here is a quick bit from it:

After a lot of thinking, I decided to go with #CDNWritersChat to help celebrate Canada150. Standing for Canadian Writers Chat, if you didn’t figure it out. And this week we’ll be talking about blogs and websites. Whether you’re an author, poet, blogger, or whatever I hope you can stop by and join us!

To learn more about Twitter for authors/writers (and Twitter Chats) Click here

Now, the chat actually went really well considering it was our first. So well, that we decided to do another one! Today we’re going to be talking about networking and marketing, in hopes of including all the Candian writers out there. Eventually, we’ll talk things like publishing and working with publishers- but for now, let’s keep it open to everyone!

So, the details:

Sunday at 7:00PM Central time. All questions will be posted from my Twitter account and we’ll be using the hastag #CDNWritersChat. Make sure to stop by, say hi, and see what’s up!


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