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Author Interview: Kelly D. Smith

Well, I figured since I’m going to start doing author interview, I’d interview myself and hopefully I can share some insights with ya’ll- and if you’ve got any follow up questions let me know!


Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?

I”m a four-time bestselling author of romance, paranormal, and anything sexy. I started writing when I was young, and when I was about 14-years-old I decided being a writer was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and that I’d try to make a little bit of money off it. So at 14 I started working towards that. I started writing every day for hours, I started reading about how to improve my writing, how to publish it, even how to market it. And the day I turned 18 I sent out three manuscripts. One got accepted and that was the start of my career as a writer!


How long have you been writing and publishing your work? What inspired you to start writing and publishing your work?

I feel like in a way I answer this above, and without giving away my age (I’m young, I’ll tell you that much!) I will say that it has been 5+ years of publishing.

As for what inspired me to start writing, when I was little I had a hard time getting a hang of reading, so there was a point I wanted to be reading content that was above my reading level (Like Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, etc) and it frustrated me. So I set out to write something at the reading level I was at, that had the content I wanted to read.


Do you work with a publisher or are you selfpublished? Why that route and what have your thoughts been on it?

I’ve done both but I’m going to be honest with you. I like working with publishers. For me, I like having the editors, the cover art, and some of the marketing taken care of. Also since I haven’t been publishing that long (And I work two other jobs) it’s nice to have someone help with getting stuff done and having people around who know the industry well. I’ve learnt more from working with publishers (The good and the bad) than I have from all the books on publishing that I’ve read. It also gave me a way to connect with other authors who write stuff that falls in line with mine.


If you could offer any advice to writers out there (published or nonpublished) what would it be?

Two things:
1) keep going. Don’t stop writing and don’t stop trying new things. Read lots and write lots. I have books that have been rejected over 50 times, but I’m still working on them and I’m still submitting them!
2) Take risks. I’ve taken a lot of risks and some haven’t gone well for me but others gave. If I hadn’t taken risks, I wouldn’t be a four-time bestseller, I know that for sure.


Not just writing advice, what kind of marketing/networking advice would you offer?

Okay, honestly marketing is hard. It takes a lot of time to build a fan base and to build good marketing content. But it’s worth it. Try different things and see what works but avoid anything that focuses too much on yourself or is repetitive. Focus on creating relationships not just showing everyone your book.
Join marketing/networking groups, ask for help, and read as much as you can on the topic!


What is one thing you wish you knew before you started publishing or that you wish you could tell people about writing/publishing?

There is a lot I had to figure out on my own and a lot I wish I’d known going into it. I wish I had known how much work everything was. I wish I’d known that most authors sell less than 100 copies a month (I felt bad about this for a long time!), and I wish I’d known how amazing and powerful it is to have a good writing community around you when you’re a writer.


Finally, what is in store for the future? Do you have any plans you’re currently working on?

Well, without giving away too much: I’m working on two big things right now. First, I want to get ya’ll some more free reads! I’m working on getting some more content around here so you can keep up with the ladies and lads that I write about. Hooch in Hades and the band members girlfriends are busy and I want you to know what they are up to.
Second, I’m working on a poly romance- and yes it is part of the HiH series. I won’t give away more details than that, but I will tell you it’s been a blast to write!


Thank you so much for reading my interview! In case you haven’t checked out my bio or my free reads:

Kelly D. Smith is a young romance writer from Canada. After being homeschooled all her life she got her GED and has been pursuing her passion- writing- with the hopes of turning it into a full time career.

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