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Interview: Lorne Oliver

Well, you guys know what day it is, which means you know that it’s time for another author interview! Today I’m super excited to welcome Lorne Oliver to the site! Let’s jump right into it!

Hi! First, I’d like to welcome you to the blog. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work? 

Thanks for having me here.  A little bit about me, hmm, I’m a proud Canadian author self publishing books and doing the best I can.  I write murder mystery/suspense/thrillers.  Right now I have 2 series.

The Sgt. Reid Series Is about an RCMP officer that hunts serial killers.  In Red Island and Red Serge you also get to see from the killers point of view which makes the reader see just how close we can be to a heinous killer at any time.

The Alcrest Mysteries now has 3 novels – The Cistern, The Menu and The Pass – plus a companion cookbook The Alcrest Gastropub Cookbook.  In this series a brother and sister run their restaurant And somehow always get involved in dangerous situations.  I’m a professional chef, so having a lot of these books taking place in a restaurant is just so much fun to write.  There is also the companion cookbook which has recipes from the Gastropub as well as a lot of behind the scene secrets like where characters names come from and connections between all of his novels.


How long have you been writing and publishing your work? What inspired you to start writing and publishing your work? 

I started writing when I was 10 when the librarian at school asked the class if we knew any Canadian authors.  I was a smart ass and said I was one.  She politely told me to come back when I was published.  I joined the Young Authors group and got into it.  About 14 years later she was at the book launch of an anthology I was in.  If we are counting, I’ve been writing for 33 years.  I published my first novel, Red Island, in 2012 and have published 1 book a year since.


Do you work with a publisher or are you selfpublished? Why that route and what have your thoughts been on it? 

I selfpublish.  The main reason for this is because the publishers that I have sent my work to didn’t want them.  It’s not an easy field to break into, even if you have the greatest novel every written.  It has to land on the desk of the exact right publisher at the exact right time.  They can’t have other things going on, their lives have to be in a good place so not to distract them…all the planets have to be aligned.  And to be honest I did not have the money to be sending out a manuscript 100 plus times.  The only regret I have about self-publishing is not learning more about it before jumping in and not doing it sooner.


If you could offer any advice to writers out there (published or nonpublished) what would it be? 

Be honest with yourself and your writing.  Don’t sensor yourself because of what you think others will want.


Not just writing advice, what kind of marketing/networking advice would you offer? 

Learn everything you can by people who make it work and take notes.  There are a lot of people out there who selfpublish And think they know all the tricks with little to show for it.  There is no 1 way to get it done.  What worked for 1 person may not work for you.  Learn all the ways you can to sell your work and then make a plan A, B, C, D, E and as many more as you need.


What is one thing you wish you knew before you started publishing or that you wish you could tell people about writing/publishing? 

Even self publishing costs a lot of money.  Editing, cover, printing, marketing. your pennies.


Finally, what is in store for the future? Do you have any plans you’re currently working on? 

On May 24th I am part of a great collection of 10 novels called Cocktails for Ten.  My book The Cistern is in there.  Only 99 cents for 10 complete novels on all sites.

As for my own books I will be releasing the 4th Alcrest Mystery, Wind Chimes, later this summer.  Wind chimes made of severed body parts start being found around the city and Chrys can’t help putting her nose in there risking a lot more than she knows.

Currently I’m writing the 5th book in that series and the cover is going to be Elizabeth Frances who inspired the Chrys character so many years ago (Elizabeth Frances now stars in the AMC series The Son), the 3rd in my Sgt. Reid Series, plus a couple of new books.



Lorne Oliver grew up in the rural area outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario and was always seen with a notebook in his hand.  To this day he still writes in a notebook most of the time.  With a little freelance work and some short stories published he went to college at the age of 30 for Culinary Management, graduating top of the class, and then headed with his family to Prince Edward Island.  While there, thanks to his wife working with the RCMP, he was able to interview a few officers and find out about real police work.  Now living in central Saskatchewan he continues to write and self publish novels with the support of his wife and 2 teenaged children.




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