Other than writing, what do you do?

When I’m not writing I’m normally plotting, or thinking about writing in some way. Often times if I need to clean my house I’m thinking about where the plot will go or what the next book will be about.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to get published?

Well, this is a little egotistical but I’d suggest looking around this blog! But I will sum it up here as well.
Write often, no matter how bad or not little you write. Write and take risks. Take the risk of having someone see your work and tell you it’s bad. Take the risk for sending something to a publisher and having it rejected. Take the risk to meet new writers.


Writing advice aside, what are some things you’ve learnt from all your writing/research?

I won’t lie, I’ve learnt a lot of dirty things! A few things to try and a few things I’d never try in my lifetime. I’ve also learnt a lot about love and relationships. I’ve learnt about people, and about secrets. As a romance writer I’ve learnt that love isn’t about romance, it’s not about having lots of money or fitting a trope. It’s about caring about someone. But, let’s be honest- the dirty things were more fun to mention!


As a romance writer, what are your tips to showing your loved one/crush a little romance?

Oh, boy you’re asking the wrong person! For being a romance writer I’m not half the romantic you would think I am. But I will tell you one thing I’ve come to realize. Romance, passion, sexual attraction for me often boils down to a few very simple things.
* The ability to surprise
* Knowing someone well enough to know something as simple was if they like candy or chocolate better
* Getting to know someone well enough to be able to tell or show them your feelings about them
That being said, flowers, candy, or something directly related to their passions/career/life are always a good bet, too!

The truth is, there is no simple trick. It all relies on getting to know the person to be able to know what will make them feel special.


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